09 November 2007

Disney was so much fun!

My best friend came out last weekend and her, my fiance, and myself went to Disney. Downtown Disney on day one and Disneyworld on day two. It was so much fun being around two people I love the most in my life. Here are some pics... there is no order since all three of us had cameras and I can't keep track of all that was going on but here are some explanations of what you will see.

  • My fiance's Scottish-descent head was too big for the Mickey Groom ears/top hat. Instead I wore them since I thought the bride ears/veil were not really me and he wore light up ears.
  • LEGO rocks... we got customized bricks for our cake topper at Downtown Disney
  • We were serenaded by a quartet, they sang Bella Notte from Lady and the Tramp
  • My best friend is a huge Piglet fan, I learned my fiance is in love with Mary Poppins, and for some reason I got really excited to go into the Hall of Presidents even though all I did was sleep.
  • We were too cheap to buy pictures from rides so took pictures of the pictures of us on Splash Mountain and the Buzz Lightyear experience.
  • I felt like Mayor McCheese walking around with my top hat and scarf.

I'll do another post about all the wedding-related Disney stuff I saw at another time... I gots pictures

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Christy said...

Great pics---I love Disneyland & Disneyworld...like I said before, I think it's more enjoyable as an adult!
Is that a Kia&Terry Pura Vida pin or a Lego block? So cute!
And your bestfriend and I have something in common--we love us some Piglet. I'm a Winnie the Pooh fan period.