11 November 2007

RINGS... D0nE & D0nE!!!

What an awesome day! We took my engagement ring back to Carroll's where it was purchased. It was cleaned in the ultrasonic machine, and I was chastized a wee bit by Anna for wearing it while I dig my hands in my garden. We had my fiance's ring finger sized again. And I handed over my eBay purchased wedding band for them to resize up one-half size. Do you remember that scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's where "Fred" and Holly get a Cracker Jack ring engraved at Tiffany and Co.? I felt like Holly putting in the work request for my internet band today. Unfortunately the band is too small to mount any of the reclaimed diamonds we got from my family. As it is they may not be able to save the inscription, the main concern is saving the design on the outside of the band. Yay Carroll's... as their sign says, "the STORE for BRIDES."

About 12 hours later I placed the order for my fiance's wedding band. After our painstakingly long search we found a business and band he is very happy with. We are going through the robandlean store on etsy.com for this mixed medium piece.

It is a hand milled titanium band that will be inlaid with reclaimed cypress. There will be an inscription (the message is a surprise) and a reclaimed flush mount diamond on the interior. He is really excited. He says the sucky part now is knowing that his ring will be here for a number of weeks and that he won't be able to wear it.


Christy said...

Yay--I'm glad he went with that one, it's really nice!

broustrex said...

cool...time is flying by! before you know it you'll be wearing those rings :)

Baby K said...

Nice work chica...now can you come hang out with us DW gals (relocated to the Beach board)- we miss you and are wondering if you are ok as it's been ages and you are MIA! : )

Javi said...

love it!

been wondering how you've been doing. chatted with terry on gmail and he said that all is well- invites were almost out- glad to hear it.

thinking of you all as your time draws near. much love.

The Teacher Chronicle said...

Kia, Please check your e-mail. The Knottie Knot is on its way to you.