29 August 2007

When Politics and Weddings Collide

I am not trained in political science. However I am pretty well-informed about our political system for an American. In my geeky joking around I even started an Knotties for Obama group on Barack Obama's website. I thought me and my fiance would be the only members signed up. Wow, I just looked and apparently there are a couple of other people too. I suppose that I should actually do something with that since it is more than just me and my guy.

We saw Obama speak last year and bought a signed copy of "Audacity of Hope" before he announced his candidacy.

I think the intersection of weddings and politics is odd because the popular narcissistic tasks of planning a wedding do not seem to coincide with what should be the thoughtful process of picking our next President. I suppose that would be true in more ordinary election cycles but given the state of things, the 2008 election is a popular topic right now. Our current president's approval ratings are so low that it seems like most people that would not even be thinking about the election at least raise their heads when this one is mentioned. Also there may be a chance for the first White House wedding since 1971... so there is all kinds of wedding and politics chatter everywhere since one of the Bush twins became engaged.

I would love to be so optimistic to think that every person involved in wedding planning were more interested in pragmatism and the political landscape that they would be starting their married life in. PUH-LEEZE, that is not going to happen. However I am all for getting people involved in the political process by any means necessary (personally I think free t-shirts at the election polls would be the way to go... people will give up their first born for free t-shirts). So this brings me to... bridesdecide.com

I first saw this as an advertisement on my community profile page on the knot. I laughed pretty hysterically because I thought it seemed pretty darn absurd. However I need to stop being so jaded. The knot.com is partnered with affiliates to present views of the candidates, candidate wedding stories, and summaries of the issues. The knot has gone so far as to make a message board devoted to the 2008 election which I don't frequent because I do my political discussions in other non-wedding related forums.

I haven't fully delved into this bridesdecide.com website but I should commend them. Any medium that offers information for potential voters to register as well as ways for them to get informed about the election process is all right by me. I don't see why they have descriptions of the candidates weddings there, but I guess they still need to be a "wedding" site somehow (wanna see Huckabee's wedding story???).

Wow, Hillary and Bill only had 15 guests at their wedding. I feel much more informed now.

Like I said, I usually do my political speak in other non-wedding related forums. Some things you should know about me are that I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I don't want to send an "invitation" to get a proclamation of our wedding by DUB (I want to sneak one in to whoever the next President is). I don't know who I will vote for in over year. And I fully support instant run-off voting as a means to ensure less divisive campaigns that are more beneficial to the voting community.

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