23 August 2007

So not a techno-geek

I've been playing with photoshop the past couple of days. Here are the fruits of a little labor...

I developed a stamp to watermark the pictures in my knot bio. (I also learned how to mat a frame.)

I have also been thinking about our wedding monogram. A kind knottie let me play with her monogram for the practice (thanks Amanda).

I can also do the arching path text from the pen tool and shape template.

This is all very rudimentary for some people, I'm not one of them. It is fun though. I'm messing around with anything "graphic" by goofing off and using various online sources. I am being more diligent with "the photoshop CS2 book for digital photographers" by Scott Kelby though. It is a very easy book to use.

1 comment:

janineb said...

I am loving the bunny "stamp". Soo cute!