30 August 2007

planning with my guy

I have had a great time planning this wedding with my guy. From what I hear I have the good fortune to have a guy that enjoys the planning process. Last night I took him out to dinner which is rare because I like to cook and he usually takes me out on the nights he provides nourishment. We went to a little Italian spot near us and he suggested we work on our monogram there. So with some wine and an appetizer this is the silliness we tossed together.

I didn't include the red ink notes of what we want to incorporate into the final design but we have a clear "vision" now.

Unfortunately the rhino beetle monogram didn't make the cut.

We also like the stacked invite idea with the four friends.

I hope your planning sessions are as fun as ours. If not, consider softening him up with some food & wine in his belly. We seem to get a lot of details out of the way over meals.

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