04 August 2007

South Florida shout out

I bitch about this place a lot due to the high property rates, high insurance rates, high rates of traffic violations, etc. However it is a sub-tropical climate with a population that originates greatly from all over the tropics. I love this diversity and we can see it all over the place, even our conventional super market... Publix.

As if you couldn't tell I love food. I am a member of Slow Food and love to visit our local Fruit and Spice Park. When my fiance and I go to the super market most of our purchases are produce instead of processed food. Right now we have few produce options because our CSA (community supported agriculture) membership is on hiatus until the weather cools down and the local farms can produce again.

So here is a brief tour of some of the cool stuff you can find in our big-chain supermarket. Yay for living in south Florida at times like this...

Here is the exotic fruit aisle

carombola (starfruit) on the left and dragonfruit on the right My fiance made a killer pizza a while back with carombola instead of pineapple

kiwano and some sort of pome/apple fruit

kiwi and something that resembles a lychee varietal. We have a winery nearby (Schnebly Winery) that specializes in tropical fruit wines... and their lychee wine is a top seller.

tiny bananas in big hand (too cute) with papaya in background

None of this beats the jakfruit we bought two weekends ago that was grown at the organic farm we buy a lot of stuff from. Mmmmm, this in smoothies is so delish. Imagine juicyfruit gum, just really juicy! We bought 4 pounds of the 24-pound monster that was harvested.

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