31 July 2007

lack of official stationary... no big deal

People have done some nice things for me since our engagement. We have not yet made a monogram, thus no metal embosser, and thus no official stationary. Today I took matters into my impatient hands to send out some Thank You notes even though nothing is on "official" stationary. I don't even know if we will have uniform official stationary. So far I have been trying to use stuff we already have for this wedding so this is no different.

I pulled out my dwindling collection of recycled paper products:

Pulled out a fun tropical stamp I have not had the chance to use yet:

And went to town with a note:

And the envelope:

I am glad I can send these off with the rest of our mail. Remembering how to say "thank you" and "please" are lessons I hope I never forget.

1 comment:

Sarita said...

Those are gorgeous! I need TY cards too and want to hit me up a crafts store when I'm home and make them myself. You've inspired me!