05 August 2007

Paper Products

Finding post-consumer waste paper has been a real hassle in our community. I definitely had more ease out west and my fiance even pointed out that it was easier in northern Indiana. We haven't printed a lot of stuff for this wedding, but dang yo. It could be an easier process. We have some paper swiped from a place of employment (tee hee) that I printed bridesmaid newsletters on. However I decided to print the 5-month newsletters for our guests. Yesterday I was at Office Max trying to find paper and the only recycled paper was pink, purple, and yellow. Yuck! Today we went to Staples and could not find any non-bleached, recycled paper.

Finally we went to Kinko's/Fed Ex and I went to the self-service carousel and the ivory paper had all kinds of small specks on it. I asked the workers there if it was post-consumer waste and you would have sworn I was speaking "martian." I figure the paper has some recycled properties because of the "specks" and started printing.

We did the newsletters in grayscale for this job in Adobe Illustrator. The bridesmaid newsletter was made in color on our home computer via PowerPoint.

I sent this to the bridal party with the thank you notes and purses last month.

The 5-month guest newsletter is a tri-fold brochure that is sealed with tape to keep it closed en route to addressee. These will be out in the mail on Monday or tomorrow.

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