06 August 2007

I am loving this gift idea

Lately we have been making the vintage store rounds. I am one of those people who have usually equated vintage to mean pretty expensive thrift store because I grew up with some really great thrift stores around Los Angeles. I have come to appreciate the quality of vintage stores in south Florida though. The pulled selection is sweet in good stores.

We would love to find a men's consignment shop to hunt for FIs suit for the wedding. In that vein we went to Vintage-A-Go-Go this weekend. The men's selection was great... almost 40% of the store. The prices were actually pretty decent as well. FI didn't buy anything but he did look pretty thoroughly at their selection of guayaberas.

I found the most darling little apron with a 3 1/2" ribbon tie waist and 4" hem. I wanted it but couldn't justify it since I have a reliable apron at home already. I think this is an easy project to make for a bride-to-be in her wedding colors with some fabulous fabric. Gift this and some of the kitchen stuff from her registry and she'll be set.

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