07 August 2007

The rings

It is about time to order the rings. This is the purchase I am most excited about. Well this and paying the lawyer to handle the paperwork in Costa Rica. These are the two expenses that really make the wedding a wedding for me. Everything else is just a whimsical luxury. Purchasing the ring has been delayed by my sister. She apparently came into possession of my grandmother's jewelry when she passed away. My sister removed diamonds from a couple of rings and recycled the gold. I am currently awaiting the diamond chips that my sister mailed to us.

My engagement ring...
Vintage 1920's 1/4 carat in platinum with filagree that goes all the way around the band.

My sister offered to make our rings but there is a problem. My fiance gave me a vintage platinum ring. So I need platinum if I want to wear my band and ring together. We also want matching bands. So that means we both want platinum bands. Platinum is very expensive and we all looked around for platinum so that my sister could make them, but it is not possible. This is where GreenKarat comes in or another jeweler that will recycle materials.

This is the band we both love... Celestial Love (the name is funny but the band is perfect)

I gotta say the blogosphere is making my life easier. I did not know about Leber Jeweler until I looked the Wedlog the other day. I wrote to them to ask about their platinum prices, I'm waiting for a quote.

I want to add one of my grandmother's diamond chips flush on the inside of his ring. Like what Miss Gummi Bear did for her fiance's ring. She posted her ring experience on weddingbee.
His ring is from Niwaka and has a cool twist in it. I showed Miss Gummi Bear's post to my fiance and he thought the ring was really cool but he is resolute in wanting matching bands.

As for the engraving for my fiance's ring... I am stuck on two ideas.

1. "me to my love" ... an engraving on the ring of part a deceased celebrity couple we admire
2. "life is such a comedy" ... a quote from our favorite movie (Monsoon Wedding)

Forget the dress, the cake, and the stationary. This is the tangible detail that makes me all sorts of wedding giddy with a butterfly fluttery tummy. ::squeal::

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