07 August 2007

$10,000 mink/diamond false eyelashes?!!

This is what 10K can buy you at Nieman Marcus. One set will be available at seven different stores. Gina Brooke designed the first set for Madonna. So if you want to be like the material girl you can get these or try to adopt your own Malawian child.

I wonder if we are going see these at any celebrity weddings in the near future? I really hope these don't become a trend. I plan to wear fake lashes for the wedding, but this is just too much.


Jennifer said...

$10,000 false eyelashes? I have no idea how to respond to that! How ridiculous!
Anyway, wanted to say thanks for adding my blog to yours! It's great to see more brides planning more earth friendly weddings!

JAVIELA said...

hey bunny :)

yes this is ridiculous!!! but their regular lashes are AMAZING - sexy but natural- and pretty affordable! check them out if you haven't already. i planned to wear them for my wedding but we lost the bag while at dinner! someone is sporting my gorgeous lashes!

anyways hope you're well :)