02 July 2007

We are indeed lucky

I came across this graphic today from a NY Times article and thought it was pretty cool. I mean the fact that this graphic exists at all sucks because these laws were once active. I'm not saying life is a utopia now, but it is pretty nice to think that couples like me and my FI aren't breaking the law by getting married when a few decades earlier we could have been fugitives. This kind of stuff makes me appreciative.

I hope this isn't considered a heavy subject for everyone. It is a reminder for me to be appreciative for the liberties I currently have. This even extends to voting rights as a woman. Life was a lot different a relatively short time ago. I just thought I would share.

Couples that came before us have not had it so easy. I get to marry the love of my life next January. That is pretty cool. Happy early Independence Day to me. Perhaps one day this type of graphic will seem like a relic of the past for same-sex marriages? Who knows.

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