30 June 2007

Peanut Wedding Favor?

Treehugger.com posted about TaberuMe cards. The cards come from Arigatou Co., Ltd. which specializes in the sale of laser-etched food products. The carbon dioxide laser engraves words on to hard, organic material that can be eaten like peanuts, rice, pasta, etc. In the picture above the peanuts are business cards.

The idea listed in the article is for business cards, but why not wedding favors? I told my fiance about it and he started to think about coconuts that we can double as cups at the wedding.

The applications are endless. I think the peanut escort favor could be really cute. However I don't know all the costs (environmental impacts, etc.) for the laser service. For now I can tell you that in order to get about 150 laser-etched favors you will need to spend about $50 and communicate in a bit of Japanese since Arigatou's website is not in English.


Sarita & Pepe said...

So cute!! Terry is right on target with the coconuts. =)

emily said...

oh my what a great idea!!!
if you used peanuts, you could incorporate an elephant theme (have acute little elephant illustration on the invites, write "don't forget to recycle" on the invite, etc...i've been looking for the perfect business cards...i was thinking about seed packets, now this...such a great tip. and perfect to put the weddings spin on it!!