29 June 2007

registry must haves

I found this article in the premier issue of Portovert Magazine

There was no particular ranked list order but here is the summary:

1. toaster convection oven cooks food 20% faster but without heating the surrounding area too badly
2. slowcooker uses less energy than an oven
3. bamboo kitchen ware is stronger than wood and more renewable
4. cloth napkins reduce landfill
5. organic fruit club membership to support organic farmers... I say just go to a CSA
6. leafy plants improve home air quality
7. organic, high-count thread linens to avoid fixatives in other sheets and keep them around for a while
8. digital cameras capture moments without wasting resources to process all the film
9. his and her bicycles as an alternative to cars
10. hand-held solar power charger as a first step to getting off the grid

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