03 July 2007

Punch Drunk

When I was finishing my undergrad degree I would go to parties at a good friend's house. She was a total Martha Stewart type. She would have her sidewalk lined with the paper bag luminaries. Her house would be open and inviting. And in a small shed off the kitchen and porch was a small shed where she would display her punch bowl. It is a darn good pretty pink punch.

I have taken her punch recipe and used it for a few years now. I even used it at my best friend's upscale bridal shower years ago and it passed the test of her scrutinizing mother-in-law. I figure with all the bridal obligations many are going through at the height of the season I would post this recipe if you want something quick, easy, and sophisticated.

Here it is... Sarah Elizabeth's Punch

1 bottle sprite or 7-up
1 bottle white wine (something dry like chardonnay)
1 bottle of champagne
1 bag of frozen raspberries
1 pint of frozen raspberry sorbet
assorted frozen citrus slices (orange, lime, lemon)

Start the night out by mixing all the above in the punch bowl and periodically check on it as guests drain the pretty pink punch. Add a bottle of something here or there, more fruit as the night goes on, etc. It doesn't taste the same through the night, but it is low-maintenance and really good.

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