03 July 2007

Galliano Killed It at Fashion Week

One of the best things about the world-wide-webs and the internets is that know-nothingtons like me have access to what is going on in the fashion world. I am not the most stylish person but I love learning about the world of high-fashion even though it is a world I don't want to be a part of. When we do plug in the cable at our house you can bet I like watching some early weekend runway show re-caps on the Style Network. I especially love the oddballs like Gaultier and Heatherette.

Dior's house designer for 10 years has been John Galliano. He is definitely eccentric and for those of us getting married you may recognize this little number he did...

Well Mr. Galliano kicked off Fashion Week in Paris yesterday for the Christian Dior label at the Palace of Versailles. It is the 60th anniversary for Dior and Galliano took it back and tore it up. Maybe you can use some of these images for your mood boards?

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