24 July 2007

Running of the Brides CONTEST

I need a little help here...
The "running of the brides" is supposed to be similar to the "running of the bulls" but are the brides the bulls or the machismo men trying to run with the bulls?
Oh I get it now!

I would love to go to one of these and it turns out that I can if I really want. The Today show has partnered with Martha Stewart to encourage people to enter to win a free wedding. The organizers are in the application process right now and had some interviews in Miami last week. However, to encourage more applicants they are letting ladies line up at midnight at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel to try to get wedding gowns. The first 50 with completed wedding contest applications will be allowed to enter a room with 50 bridal gowns. FIFTY FREE BRIDAL GOWNS. Today it was Vegas, tomorrow Miami, the day after is Chicago, and then finally New York.

I don't need a dress. I just want to see the mayhem. This is the best rule of the contest that I caught, "You must behave at all times in an appropriate manner, which includes not acting or behaving in any manner that does or could possibly injure any other participant."

Also you do not need to be at one of these Running of the Brides events to enter the contest to get Martha and Today to throw you a wedding. They are looking to do it around October 5th but the applications need to be in this week.
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