24 July 2007

The 6 month weekend

I love Bahia Honda State Park. It is where we became engaged. It is one of the few nice camping areas close to us that has a TENT ONLY section (I hate sucking RV fumes in the morning). It is rated as one of the nicest beaches in Florida. It is just pleasant.

We drove down on Saturday to spend the night. The drive down was delayed due to construction. We also saw a lot of law enforcement activity. Apparently we went on the two days of the the spiny lobster mini-season. Fish and Wildlife officers were working with customs, military, and local law enforcement to bust people taking too many lobsters. My mantra all weekend was, "Run lobsters, Run."

I told the lobsters to run many times when we kayaked out to a small island on Sunday and there were all kinds of great crevices for them to hide when we snorkeled around the land mass. That island trip was fun. The night before there was a serious lightning storm going on for hours. I figured the same thing would happen on Sunday but later in the day. When we made it to the island I saw one darkish cloud in the distance and asked my fiance to keep an eye on its development. At one point he was getting something from the kayak while I was in the water and I raised my head to him screaming, there were lightning strikes not too far off so we had to hustle back to the mainland. It was quite an arm workout. Electrical storms in Florida are no joke!

Here is a picture of the ocean he took from our tent the night he proposed.

On the trip we made the usual stops... Midway Cafe for caffeine and a snack (mile marker 80.5). I actually got a green protein smoothie that looked like Oscar the Grouch fell in a blender but tasted very yummy. Spirulina, pineapple, and protein powder.We went to Big Pine Restaurant for breakfast on Sunday (mile marker 32 I think). We split blueberry pancakes and a provencial veggie omelette. We went to the health food store across the street for dried mango but they weren't open yet. On the way back we went to the Morada Bay Cafe for a late lunch (mile marker 81.6). I tell you, that cafe is a great wedding venue for the keys.

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