20 July 2007

T minus SIX MONTHS...

I will be a married woman 183 days from today. Woohoo!!
On Wednesday night my fiance caught me, unknowingly. He asked if I knew what Friday was... I slowly said, "anniversary?" as a joke. Yep, negative-demi-versary. I came clean tonight about not knowing and he thought I acted weird on purpose so that I wouldn't embarrass him if he didn't know. He gives me way too much credit for my stupidity.

My fiance is too sweet. He confessed tonight that he has been looking forward to today for quite a while. He has a flower person that he met via work and had a dozen roses delivered earlier in the day. He made reservations for us to go camping tomorrow night at the park where he proposed.

I made a lasagna tonight and ordered four pounds of jackfruit for him through our CSA. They apparently harvested a 24 pound jackfruit, and my fiance goes nuts for this stuff. He is going to be in smoothie heaven for a while. I must admit that I didn't make lasagna or get him this fruit as a special occasion gifts, it is just the kind of mundane stuff I would do for him anyways. He has "forgiven" my lack of celebratory effort.

So six months from tonight we will be man and wife. For now I am going through Mexican ska for our wedding playlist and he is reading the last Harry Potter book out loud to me on the couch. Very sweet and mellow. Tomorrow we will be beach camping, snorkeling, and kayaking... hooray!

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