27 July 2007

Meaningful Symbols... The Broom

We bought our broom just before New Year's when we found an artisan at a farmer's market while on a road trip (St. Augustine, FL). We both immediately knew we wanted it for the wedding. At the time we were planning a local wedding. We bought it, came home, and my fiance mounted it alongside our front door. It is a symbol of the home we are working towards building with our union. Jumping it at the wedding is essentially a physical vow of that goal.

Now that we are getting married in Costa Rica we can pack it in a tube, etc. However I want to pack as minimally as we can and suggested getting a broom down there to decorate. My reasoning is that a broom is just a symbol. Even suggesting this kind of "crushed" my fiance because this particular broom has come to symbolize a lot for him. It most likely will always be displayed somewhere in our home as a symbol of a domestic goal we are working towards.

I think it is sweet that he is so attached to it and feel a little bad about my indifference, but I realize I don't want to drag this thing all over Costa Rica and Panama with us. Hopefully I can ask a trustworthy relative or friend to take it back to the States for us after the wedding.

What does the broom symbolize for you if you are jumping it? What are you going to do with it after the wedding?

This is Javi and her husband recently jumping the broom in Tobago.

She mentioned that the broom displayed above the door is a great symbol to keep negative energy out of the house. Her broom is still on the island where they jumped it, but they plan to get it back to display above the door. They had luggage restrictions and had to leave it with a friend for now. I did not know anything about the broom and keeping out negative energy. Ours is currently hung up above the door and to the side. I have a feeling that is where it will be displayed no matter where we live.

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Javi said...

hey bunny,

this is a great blog!

we jumped the broom in honor of how many enslaved people made their unions "formal" when they were not otherwise recognized by the law or the society they lived in.

during our ceremony, our friend who held the broom talked out how we wanted to honor our ancestors who arrived at shores all throughout the americas like the ones we were standing by and also to jump into a new phase of our journey together... it felt great and meaningful :)

what to do with the broom? we left it at his parents house in tobago (girl...no room in the suitcases or carry ons!), but we plan to get it during one of our next trips so that we may put it above the door to our house... we've heard that it can help to keep negative energy out.

maybe have a guest take it back for you if you want to keep it :)

here is a pic of us jumping the broom http://tinyurl.com/ywaoel

good luck girl and enjoy every second... it goes by soo fast!

much love,