24 March 2008

he he 2 months

I've been a married old hag for over two months. Woot woot! Playa Punta Uva, Costa Rica!!

I feel like I gotta do a flashback series since I haven't posted in like 4 months.

All right, very brief updates. Went to Disney with my supa dupa best friend from Cali in early November. Bunnyboy and I took off for Cali for him to meet my mom and stepdad for T-giving. That was fun. My dad even came out from Utah for a day to hang with the two of us in San Fran. And then there was wine country... So then we did Christmas and geared up for that last month before the wedding.

The WEDDING... was AWESOME. I had the best time with my nieces, guy, dad, in-laws, bestie friends, etc. It was a busy week. Our photog and his wife traveled and shot us and are totally our besties now as well. I can't wait to see those two later this year. He anticipates over 1400 images for us from a week of shooting. I don't have the images yet, but will get them in due time.

So wedding highlights...
  • Our coordinator, Dawn, is the shit! I love that woman. She is the chick I would hop in a rambler to road trip with for weeks at a time without an itinerary. Insane, practical, sweet, brash, and with a wicked sense of humor.
  • Bunnyboy surprised me with a live sitar player for me to walk to our wedding arch with as well as a private concert at the reception hour.
  • I surprised Bunnyboy with a coreographed fire poi dance in my wedding dress after dinner.
  • The food was awesome. We ran into the woman who cooked our jerk chicken two days beforehand when we went to her restaurant. We did not know she was one of Dawn's friends.
  • We were so relaxed and got a couple of hours of surfing in before the wedding began.
  • We had no idea that people loved dancing to Peanuts songs. But they do.
  • The night was fun. Our guests had a great time and folks we met during our week in town also showed up. I had no idea the guy with the surfboards from earlier in the day would show. He even tied up his dreadlocks for the event.
After the wedding folks left and our adventures really began. We took off to Panama via a foot bridge at the border with our backpacks. That night we nestled down in our gorgeous over the water bungalow in Bocas del Toro. The next morning we did sunrise kayaking and rested a lot of the two days there. Then it was more adventure back in Costa Rica with a Class IV water rapids trip. Bunnyboy soon went home after that.

I stayed an extra week and had a trip of a lifetime with my dad including a 3 day trip down to Panama to find his homeland. I'll explain later but the mountain he was born on has now been reclaimed by the forest. I went back to Costa Rica with my dad and kicked his arse on a cloudforest mountain one day on a hike. Sadly he went back to the states too and I stayed for a couple more days.

Some nice folks I met a few years ago set me up in a nice room and office in San Jose. I went to the National Museum for a Shakespeare play, visited the modern art museum, and did a serious chill session in Playa Jaco before heading back to Miami and my husband.

So... fast forward to today. We had our first Valentine's Day as a married couple, our first MLB Spring Training game as a married couple, our first St. Patty's as a married couple, our first Easter. We had a small at home reception where Dan, our photog, and my sister-in-law flew in for a few days and it was a blast to hang with them. We just went to the Disney area over the weekend... so much fun. The weekend before last we had a successful garage sale. Oh yeah... we are getting ready to move.

In less for a week we are heading for Colorado. Screw Miami! My husband and I cannot stand this place. While it is great for other people we know we can be happier some place else. So off we go.

Oh yeah. The best news of the last four months. My best friend is expecting. She called me the night before New Year's when she found out. In the last four months we have popped so many bottles of champagne over every little victory. We have drank to her, her husband, and their future over and over again. I am looking forward to meeting my little "Chinew" mix nephew/niece one day. She will be an amazing mother.

The week of our wedding was awesome. We celebrated my niece/bridesmaid's Sweet 16 on the first day, my matron of honor's expectancy news the whole time, everyone's good time on "vacation", a set of friends that never celebrated their honeymoon, and eventually our wedding. There was no shortage of celebration that week nor since.

I wish every bride and groom can have the good fortune we had.