09 November 2007

who has it easier: rings

Hands down... I do! He picked out my engagement ring with no input from me besides my desire for it to be environmentally-friendly, no diamond, and inexpensive. In actuality we had the ring conversation on one of our first dates and he didn't go ring shopping until over a year later. He ended up picking up something on his own, he asked, I said YES, and I had a ring on my hand. My only decision with that ring was to accept his proposal. I do love it though, he bought a pre-owned piece from an estate sale dating from 1915-1930.

For my wedding band we had planned on using a jeweler that uses reclaimed material so that we could get matching pieces. There were some communication issues with the jeweler and they did not respond to me for a couple of months so I started looking on eBay for something pre-owned. Why not use the material before it has to be reclaimed to be made into something else? I found a piece originally given to someone in 1936, and with that auction my wedding ring shopping was done. Incidentally the jeweler did finally get back to me around the time that I found this little beauty.

But my BunnyGroom has not had it so easy, with less than 75 days to go he is still without a ring. We were going to get matching platinum rings but his jaw darn near fell off when I got my ring for $124. He did not want a band that would cost more than my engagement ring and wedding band. I have been scouring eBay for something vintage for him but it has been hard because I can hardly find rings in his size and the price of platinum has risen more than $400 per ounce in the last six months so people are buying it up for scrap like crazy, including rings that I have been bidding on.

So where does that leave him? He can have anything he wants and that is why I have it easier than him. Newly mined platinum is not an option... look at my post and his posts (post 1 and post 2) on this issue. We have been looking at the popular eco-friendly marketed jewelers as well as lesser well-known stores. At less than 75 days to go no order has been placed but I think we are headed in the right direction. Look at his blog for the ring update and the shout out to RobandLean's etsy shop. I'll post here once I make a purchase ;)

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