09 November 2007

We are straight up CRAZY!!!

This is the weekend for the invites. The weekend of the flowing creative juices. The weekend of actually getting it all done. The weekend of packing a lot of craftiness into about 30 invitations and crossing our fingers that they are at least a little cute. I'm aiming more for fun than anything else.

Here is the insanity process:

  • Handmade recycled paper from our junk mail embedded with wildflower seeds
  • Creation of a stamp of the four friends to transfer to a block
  • Carving of a linoleum block image of the four friends
  • Drinking some wine
  • Braying water-based print ink then transferring to paper
  • Writing the text
  • Attaching the pages ... handsewing
  • More wine
  • Wrapping in brown paper
  • Sending out
  • Celebrating with some wine
Wish us luck!

1 comment:

Christy said...

I'm sure they are going to turn out beautiful---just like everything you create! :)