01 October 2007

So everyone liked C... (e-pics cont.)

Thanks for participating in the poll... LOL! 115 of you gave us your opinion and C was the overwhelming favorite. However, I don't know how much re-touching will improve on that one so we are going with B for the re-touch (it is the second place winner). Do you think we can work this on a holiday card this year?

Here are a couple of others. I made a quick bout for Terry with some weeds, a fern, a ponytail holder and the bout pin he will wear at the wedding. We used a fan that will be given to a guest prior to our wedding ceremony with Terry being "creepy" in the background with my binoculars. Then us playing with bubbles. Us in the water and us getting slightly kissy-face.


Michelle said...

I love B...how about "happy holidays...from our swamp to yours, T & K"

Jamie M. said...

Terry is sucha stalkerazzi!