02 October 2007

October = Be Aware of Yer Bewbies and Do Something About Them

Pink is EVERYWHERE this month especially (and through out the year) for good reason. Here is a paragraph from the Making Memories Foundation:

The heartrending cost in human life is staggering. In America alone, one person receives a diagnosis of breast cancer every 2 1/2 minutes, while every 12 minutes someone loses his or her battle against this disease. Breast cancer is no respecter of age or gender, estimates show that more than 200,000 women and 1,700 men will develop breast cancer this year. Although breast cancer is the number two cancer killer of older women, it is the number one cancer killer of women between the ages of 15 and 54, leaving thousands of young children without their mothers and young husbands to cope alone.

It was just over a year ago that my fiance and I learned that this disease also attacks men... it was more than that when I learned that very young women were getting diagnosed as early as 15. Please do routine exams on yourself and your partner and go to your regular medical exams. I suppose I am one of the 4 of 10 people that believe in the fallacy that early detection is key to successfully treating the disease. I have loved this shirt and detection kit for a long time for a reason, not all bewbies are the same and some are lumpier than others. Get used to the road map of what you have. This kit could help. This is part of the stance that I believe in... go beyond awareness. Take action and stay informed of what medical procedures are being done these days. Simply buying products with pink ribbons will not protect you like a magic shield.

Well, as far as weddings and breast cancer... there are all sorts of beneficial ways you can spend your money. You can support organizations raising funds for research and support for those affected. You can get bridal gowns and accessories through Brides Against Breast Cancer. You can make donations as favors for your wedding and pre-wedding celebrations. One of the better recognized organizations is the Susan G. Komen for the Cure that resulted as a promise from one sister to another. Consider registering for items that benefit an organization working with survivors and research, you can find everything in pink and benefiting an organization these days. I even have a pink tennis racquet.

With as many opportunities as there are to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness I have hope that one day diagnoses and treatment will be routine and completely successful. This can only become a reality if people go beyond awareness and take action. Please also read this "Putting Power in the Pink" blog entry from Lemon Margaritas for some perspective on pink ribbon commercialization and action after you are aware that breast cancer is out there.

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