31 October 2007

Noel Update

As of the 5 PM advisory south Florida is under a tropical storm watch... the Bahamas are under a warning. The system has stalled coming off the Cuban coast so it will take a little more time for this to pass. It is just a waiting game now for the wind and rain. My best friend comes in early on Friday.

We are now planning to take off late tomorrow if the winds die down to drive up to Orlando and meet her. She is flying into MIA but has a layover in Orlando first. So if we can drive out tomorrow night, and if she takes carry-on, we'll meet her up there EARLY on Friday.

Now the main thing to do is send good vibes that the system will quickly pass over the Bahamas and fizzle out in the Atlantic Ocean. Oh yeah, and to figure out what we are going to do in Orlando. Disney on Saturday... maybe surfing on Friday? The weather is still the major influence of all of our plans.

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