19 September 2007

The rings

Well I went for a plan C. In my impatience of waiting for Green Karat to respond (which they finally did) I began searching for platinum jewelry to reclaim. I came across a number of pieces on eBay and ran across a band that did not sell the first time around because it was put in the wrong category. I could not buy this band only to melt it so left it alone. I came across it a second time and was surprised it wasn't purchased yet. So I jumped on it. I figured the fate gods were testing me.

Here it is. Inscribed with "Donny to Mary 12-6-36" and a size 5. It is 1/2 size too small and needs to be sized up. We'll see if the nice folks at Carroll's Jewelers can also flush mount at least one diamond chip for me from my grandma. I think it goes well with my engagement ring and am happy with how everything turned out. I plan to keep the original inscription.

Unfortunately this leaves my fiance kind of out in the dark. No matching bands for us. His range of bands is wide open now and he is reconsidering platinum because my ring was really inexpensive ($126). The price shouldn't be an issue and I am excited to see what he picks.

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Christy said...

They look fabulous together!