17 September 2007

R. I. P. Cedrick

I don't know how appropriate this content is for everyone's wedding planning, but it is for mine. I frequent theknot.com and specifically the Destination Weddings board. I am not big for online forums because I prefer IRL (in real life) relationships but have bonded with a number of people on that forum. It was via an extension of that board that I opened up a devastating e-mail this morning.

One of the brides lost her significant other on Friday. He died during surgery to remove a large tumor on his back. He had spent a lot of the previous year in another country than their home getting treatment for his first round of cancer. They knew the risks and she accompanied him to the country he was getting treatment in when his cancer returned. They spent a fair amount of time with each other for a couple of months before he passed.

I am sad for her. I am angry that this could happen to such a lovely, good couple. I feel guilty that I am lucky enough to have my fiance because not everyone has that luxury. I am a mess and have shed a good number of tears in the past few hours. And what I feel is a mere tiny fraction of the loss that she must be going through. I have not been able to bring myself to write a condolence note yet. That is my next order of business.

I made the announcement to the wedding planning boards she has had a tremendous impact on. Cedrick's passing has sent a shockwave through our online community. We are now collecting a fund for her in an attempt to help offset funeral and travel costs. We all wish we could be there to give her a hug and a tissue if it would help. We all got to know her because she wanted to practice her English while planning a wedding but her friendship has meant so much more to us than that.

I was reading some of the responses "knotties" had left following the announcement and finally saw the "rest in peace" message. Wow. He is really is no longer with us. I hope he does rest in peace. My prayers are with her and those who were also a part of his life. Rest in peace Cedrick, and Fanny please know that you are well loved by all of us.

I am posting their picture because I saw she removed her knot bio. I am going to remove my link to her bio out of respect but don't want to lose them.


Jessica said...

I'm going to be thinking about this all day. I'm so sad and heartbroken for Fanny. It just doesn't seem fair that this happened to them. It really makes you appreciate your own fiance/husband/boyfriend anymore.

We can learn a lot from Fanny and Cedrick's relationship. All the silly arguments and time we waste bickering with the men in our lives isn't worth it. We must appreciate every moment we have and stand by each other as Fanny and Cedrick did, through the good and the bad.

Sarita said...

Thank you for writing this Kia.

RIP C├ędrick. I feel the same way and am hurting for beautiful, sweet and funny Fanny today. :(

A Real Librarian said...

Thank you for posting this, Kia - it is a beautiful tribute to a wonderful couple.

I can't imagine the pain that Fanny is going through. This reminds us to make every moment count, just like Fanny and Cedrick did.

My thoughts are with my sweet Fanny today.

Rest in peace, dear Cedrick.

Christy said...

Thanks for posting this Kia.

Life is too short and every moment, every breath should be cherished.
I can't even begin to imagine what she is going through right now. I hope that she finds comfort amongst her memories of Cedrick and through the support of her friends and family.

Kelly said...

This is a very touching tribute to a truly lovely couple. My thoughts are with Fanny and their families.

Rhonda said...

Thank you for posting this Kia....even though it brought tears to my eyes to see their picture it also made me happy to see their smiling faces again. RIP Cedrick. My heart goes out to Fanny.

Rhonda said...
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Rhonda said...

Sorry...for some reason my comment posted twice so I deleted one of them.

Chrissy said...

Kia, thank you for taking the time to let us all know. This seriously has been a tough week. I know that Terry works with Liz Somohano and I knew Jose in passing. We shared mutual friends and we had hung out in the same groups on occasion. It is so mind boggling to me how 2 deaths can hit so close to home in such a short span of time.
Should you email her Fanny again, please send her my best. THANK YOU again.

Sarah said...

Thank you for posting kia. It was a great tribute and you really put down on paper what so many of us are feeling today.

Fanny and Cedrick have been in my thoughts all day and I am sure they will remain there for a very long time.

rest in peace cedrick

bunnybride said...


This has been a very rough few days. The shock of what happened on Thursday was consuming in itself and for Cedrick to pass afterwards has been an ordeal. Today is Jose's funeral and tomorrow is Cedrick's. They both leave some great women and loved ones behind.

Michelle Stacey said...

should you speak with Fanny, give her my regards...also i would like to send her a card or brief note. so if shes ok w/ that i think a few knotties want to do so too. keep me posted

thanks Kia.

AlleighGrrrl said...

I didn't realize she'd removed her knot bio...that just another chill of sadness. You wrote a far better post than I could have, so thank you for expressing what I think many of us feel.

mrportersbride said...

RIP Cedrick. I am so sad for Fanny and hope that she has the ones she holds most dear close to her through this. I cannot believe this happened.. my heart goes out to her.

Thank you for posting Kia.