10 August 2007

Who has it easier?

The bride or the groom? Who do you think has it easier when it comes to shopping for wedding attire? In our case it is definitely the bride. I found a dress on ebay, paid $36 bucks for it and that was that. We decided on a destination wedding and I bought a different dress for $64, then sold the $36 one.

FI bought a jacket last year at a post-Thanksgiving sale but can't find pants to go with it. He really likes it and wants to start to wear it with jeans on casual Fridays and when we go out. We have been to a huge mall (two weekends ago), a vintage store (last weekend), and this week two different department stores.

The funny part is that when brides try on gowns they don't always make the best faces... neither do grooms. It doesn't help that on the second department store day I majorly messed with his hair so that his "fro" is all over the place.

Here are the latest shopping adventures of the bunnygroom:

This is a Cubavera herringbone suit. It is a bit large in the chest. FI says it hangs funny as if it is equipped for "moobs" and the interior construction is a bit relaxed.

This is a Nautica blazer. It is a bit big on him and he looks really squirrely from the side. The material was a lot heavier too. His face in this pic resembles his "mugshot" like pic on his passport.

A funny thing happened at Macy's in The Falls shopping center. We met an awesome guy working there named Victor who helped us out a lot. He steered us towards lightweight fabric, decent construction, and something made for my lanky fiance. The INC line.

He also tried on a Perry Ellis jacket. The interior construction is great, but not what he wants.

Victor recommended the gray INC jacket with tan pants. He says he thinks this could work with my champagne dress IF we find the right shirt to pull it all together.

One question that keeps popping up in our shopping is how does the suit look from the back. This jacket works well on his shoulders and torso, but quite truthfully what is a man's caboose supposed to look like in a suit? What is good? I generally think it is hidden if the suit fits right. I like the way this one gently hoods his behind like an awning.

So this is where we are at this point... my fiance has no idea what to wear. Victor at Macy's was a big help. So far I think the grey and tan is the front runner but that was last night. My guy is so fickle that I don't think that idea will last too long. This suit could be fun with a pair of Cons, clamshells, sandals, or barefoot. However, if he wants a linen suit he needs to find one that fits well. Next up we'll be hitting the little boutiques that line South Beach... apparently you can find great deals in the no-name ones.

I know I have had it much easier finding my wedding attire than him. I had a lot of options and I did not have to pay a lot of money to find something I like that fits well. With alterations I think my dress will be less than his suit. Even if I went into a bridal salon and tried on 2o dresses I would have had it easier. I really wish that this process was a cake walk for him like it has been for me.

I'll keep you posted on the suit adventures.

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