15 July 2007

Mmmmm, sweet honey

This is a hard post to write. Even sad. I LOVE HONEY and bees are adorable. When I travel that is the souvenir I am always on the lookout for... local honey. However honeybees like most pollinators have NOT been faring that well these days (see a link). Recently there is global recognition that our commercial bees are declining more rapidly than previously thought (see another link).

This news is very disturbing. Yet my CSA (community supported agriculture) sends notices every two weeks for honey orders and other goods. They have honey and their bees are fine. Apparently bee colonies that pollinate organic crops and aren't treated with pesticides and antibiotics in their hives seem to be fairing well (I do not know of any published studies comparing organic vs. conventional bee declines, the USDA is just starting to commission studies on the commercial bee collapse). My sources have been reading treehugger and other local organic message boards. I hope that at least bees not directly treated with chemicals continue to thrive.

So this brings me to the point of this WEDDING POST. Honey wedding favors!!! When my fiance and I were planning a local wedding we had talked to our CSA about their honey supply because I LOVE HONEY and thought it would make a great favor. Even if you don't use honey, it can be a nice touch to share with your guests something local, organic and yummy as a favor. If you don't make jam, preserves, salsa, or pesto yourself... your CSA or local farmer's market most likely have folks ready to do this for you. If you don't know how to find them go through Local Harvest. This website is a great resource for any of your local, organic food needs.

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