13 July 2007

I can't resist... Becks

Yep, Posh and Becks moved to America last night and today he held a press conference with the L. A. Galaxy. This has nothing to do with weddings, I just like futbol and my jaw dropped when I saw the press conference pictures. The L. A. Galaxy jersey is long sleeve and looks a lot like the Real Madrid jersey AND the team is now sponsored by HERBALIFE??? Oh the shame of being a native Angeleno and seeing that. I went to the Galaxy inaugural game where the jerseys were hideous but at least the team was sponsored by Budweiser.

Anyway, Becks is a good looking man and to quasi-tie him into weddings, etc. Here is the picture that Annie Liebovitz shot of him for the Disney Campaign earlier this year. Becks as Prince Charming...

He also launched his blog today. There could be room on the sidebar to link this. Ya gotta give respect to a great futbola', dad, husband, and all around sweet guy with a soft voice. And I guess easy on the eye ;) Good lucks in America Posh and Becks.


Sarita & Pepe said...

I heart Becks and Posh! Just wish they had taken the time to learn some Spanish while they were living in SPAIN. But whatever.

kia said...

I know what you mean. That is WEAK!!!

Did you see the "Que Hora Es" Wedding episode on youtube? Once again, totally stoopid, but silly enough to make it on our wedding website blog.