06 June 2007

Working on a mood board

What is the "mood" of our wedding? I guess I should really work on this with my fiance because he is really involved in the planning process.

I think the wedding elements are different than the mood. The colors, the scent, the overall ambiance captured in a single blink of the eye. Essentially it is a collage.

I know, I'll ask my FI...
His Holiness the Dalai Lama with Desmond Tutu laughing. Perhaps compressed. Goat running on a beach underneath. The page framed by the tulle of our arch. White peacock feathers entering from one corner. A henna hand touching HHDLs shoulder. And a butt crack (we call that Pura Vida since we saw a lot of that by happy people when we were at our wedding location last year).

He then asks, "Is that too much?"

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