09 June 2007

MotherHubbard, at least we have the blue...

My macbook (my less than 6 month old macbook) is on the fritz and I wanted to work on my mood board this weekend. Poo!

My dear friend Sarita made one and it was displayed at weddingbee.com this past week. Click here to check out her mood board for her Sevilla, Spain wedding.

So I had some pretty pictures on my macbook that is now in the shop. I figure I'll keep collecting images and try to put something together with my much older iBook. It doesn't have CS2 on it though, so it won't be as cool as I had hoped for now.

The chandelier on display is great because of the blue. When my fiance and I were picking colors months ago we knew we wanted turmeric and a deep merlot. I let him have free-range with the last color. He kept saying blue but couldn't figure out the shade of blue. Today we were at a trinket shop and he flipped out when he saw a random pillow cover... it was THE BLUE!! Too funny. He took out his little point and shoot camera to capture it. Previously I figured cornflower and just went with the blue lining the sleeve of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's robe because he couldn't give me any precise details about the shade of blue. Now we need to retract our steps because he has gone nuts with this blue. Is it like iced teal? It reminds me of drinks with Blue Curacao or rock candy.

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bunnybride said...

No we don't. My fiance ran his visionary blue through different color schematics on our wedding website and it didn't look great. We are sticking with a royal blue. It is the color of the piping on His Holiness the Dalai Lama's robes.

I feel sad for my fiance because his blue did not work out. He is indifferent because he likes the color scheme we are using.