11 June 2007

the death of organicweddings.com

Michelle Kozin's "Organic Weddings: Balancing Ecology, Style and Tradition" was published in 2003. I bought my fiance a copy as a present and it is dog-eared and marked up as we prepare for our wedding. It seems like eco-minded weddings are gaining popularity but I sadly discovered recently that Michelle's organicweddings website is no longer active. I know she has a background in business and I wonder if she was not able to reap the benefits of her Organic Weddings project. She was perhaps a couple of years too early with the idea because it seems like mainstream society is running with random green wedding projects now. Why just last month two characters on the soap opera Days of our Lives had a much-hyped "green" wedding. I naively hope that the rest of America is not too far behind.

I tried to e-mail Michelle with no luck. New Society Publishers sent me an address to contact her. I want to send her well wishes and thank her for her publication. The book is still available and I recommend getting your hands on a copy at a bookstore or your public library.

I suppose the successor of the Organic Weddings legacy is now Green Elegance Weddings. There are many resources available on the internet, in the library, and via your local co-op, but this website seems to follow a similar layout model as Organic Weddings.

If you need a quick tutorial about eco-minded weddings you can check out a quick and comprehensive guide at treehugger.

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Rosie said...

Hi Bunny

Saw your post about Michele Kosin's website organicweddings.com and I too am sorry to discover she's not trading any longer. I wonder if you ever got a reply from her?

You might be interested in our website GreenUnion.co.uk which launched last November 2006 and is going from strength to strength. Although we are predominantly UK biased at present we're working hard to go global and loving every minute of it. GreenUnion's packed full of ideas for eco chic weddings.

Have fun with your wedding planning!