25 March 2008

My hubby, the Cirque performer

During our last weekend in the area we per usual decided to get out of the area and head to Orlando. We had two days left on our Disney passes so headed up north from Miami on Friday. We checked into our our hotel by 7... headed to Downtown Disney at 8 then proceeded straight to the Cirque du Soleil ticket box to gain entry to La Nouba. Lucky for us some lady bought some extra amazing tickets and sold them to us at rock bottom prices just before the show began.

Imagine our surprise when we really were seated FRONT ROW, CENTER. I mean FRONT ROW, CENTER!

The show itself was awesome. My favorite was the urban scene when the guys bounced from the trampoline to the side or the top of the building. Both me and the husband were shocked when two of the star clowns stepped down from the stage to pull Terry up to the stage. He hammed it up of course. They wanted him to lay down for a stunt bike rider to do tricks near his head. He of course stepped back and the clowns had to pick him up and carry him to a laying down position at the front of the stage. Apparently the clown next to him on the ground said in a thick French accent, "don't move" in a tone reminiscent to Jean Reno in The Professional.

I don't know what really happened from there on as one clown came down from the stage and flirted with me while Terry was gone. His arm was around me, he drank my chardonnay, and then tossed his legs into my lap. After a while Terry returned with a heart beating super fast and was presented with an "Honarary Performer" certifcate at the end of the show. I can officially say I screwed a Cirque performer after a show now... tee-hee!! So hawt!

The show was amazing. I always thought being too close would not be great since you can miss a lot with the aerial performers. Cirque shows utilize all the space they are confined in. The show I saw was much more inspiring than any show I had ever seen. We saw every sinewy muscle fiber flex from limbs, diaphragms pulse after every movement, and a grace I had never experienced as intimately from other sections. I blame the fate gods for putting me in such a great seat that night. Thank you! Namaste.


Fenridal said...
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becchii said...
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becchii said...

Kia, where are my pictures? What is the problem that you cannot keep up your end of the deal? I have tried and tried to reach you and now you delete my comments without so much as a response. I am so disappointed that you would do something like this especially when you yourself just got married and understand how important this is. Contact me please! Beth

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