16 October 2007


We are taking a community education Beginning Ballroom class at Miami Dade Community College. As of now we can rhumba, cha-cha, and swing. The best thing about this class has been training ourselves to lead and follow on the dancefloor. Last night was the end of part one of the class and we had to perform all three dances in front of our classmates... we weren't too shabby!

The best part of this dance class has been working with my fiance in an arena that neither of us are skilled in. I think it has been an extension of our marriage preparation that we did in February. In our relationship we do not have a clear leader in all situations and I have been accused many times of not following when my guy chooses to step up. It is not always easy to follow as a strong-minded, independent woman and at the start of the class you could see us physically having issues with a power struggle. Over the course of the last eight weeks I have grown in giving up the reigns for my guy to step up on the dance floor and I think our communication outside of class has improved as a result. I could be giving the dance class more credit than it deserves because our communication level was already pretty high when class started. What I do know is that my guy's posture when he pulls a good dance move or is leading well is SEXY.

We start part two of the class in two weeks. Next up... tango, foxtrot, and waltz.

The other fun part of the class is music. Last night we heard "Begin the Beguine" by Cole Porter and it is definitely going on our wedding playlist. When class resumes in two weeks we are bringing in a CD of music we are considering for our wedding, including the first dance song. "Baby" by OsMutantes. Hopefully our instructor will give us some pointers on rocking that tune.


AlleighGrrrl said...

We loved taking lessons too!! We actually did it way before even getting engaged, and while we took a hiatus, we're talking about going back in Feb. You'll have to let us know how the next stage in lessons goes!!

janineb said...

I really wish I had pushed Regan to take lessons. We didn't really need it for the wedding, but it would have been a great excuse to get him on the dance floor.
I hear you about being the independent woman everywhere else in your life. I love how you find ways to re-evaluate what your relationship means to you, no matter what you are doing.

Christy said...

That's pretty awesome that you two are doing this together. I wish FI would do it---he says he would, but he's all talk.

bunnybride said...

Christy, getting him to take the class took a long time. He wanted to do it but was nervous about it. We had planned on lessons in Jan, then March, then summer... and it finally got to the point where if we waited any longer we wouldn't have time for the first series class. D may surprise you as your wedding gets closer.