22 September 2007

Twisted Limb Paper

I have not out right spotlighted a website yet, but there are a few that I love. I am going to start with Twisted Limb Paper. I was introduced to this site when BelgiumBride pointed me in the direction of where she got her rockin' grow-a-note invites.

I started looking at Twisted Limb based on her invite and really like what I have read about the company since then. It is a recognized co-op that has pretty decent environmental and social programs in place. They are conscious with re-using materials. They send paper used on both sides for correspondence with clients, re-use water from their cooling systems for the paper-making process, and use interesting materials (grass cuttings from their field, recycled office paper, junk mail, and used grocery bags). They donate at least 22% of their profits to environmental conservation efforts community groups. They also pay for carbon offsets with Native Energy and EnviroWatts to compensate for their facility, employee commuting, and business travel. Their products are also really nice, take a look at this guestbook.

I highly recommend looking at this site for your stationary and paper needs if you are in market. I also highly recommend this site for their Green Ideas section. There are all kinds of links on Green Wedding vendors, wedding ettiquette, and Green vendors for kids, home, and office. They are really helpful, here is a page about ways to use scrap paper in your profession.

And if you live in Bloomington or around South Central Indiana they have a number of eco-friendly wedding vendors they can hook you up with.

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