24 September 2007

Blog of the Groom of the Bride He Calls Bunny

This is not a tongue-twister joke, I'm serious. My fiance surprised me a few minutes ago with an e-mail sending me to this site.

I don't know his motivation for doing it but he started a wedding blog today. Here is his angle:

Thoughts from the groom's perspective on weddings, honeymoons, the planning process, and most importantly: marriage.

I love this guy. He has been very involved in the planning process so I am not surprised that he is doing a blog but I admit I am a bit sexist and laughed when I saw what he did. A boy doing a wedding blog? WTF?!?

However he does have a lot of well-constructed opinions on all this wedding madness the two of us are going through and likes to be helpful and informative in real life. I don't see why he shouldn't share his mental gems with the internet as well.

Here is the new blogger with his sister at her wedding this past May.

Visit his blog for some perspective and chatter. I hope one of his first posts is about why he thinks grooms may not be into the wedding planning as much as brides are.

Love you babe, good luck with your blog.


bunnygroom said...


Thanks for all the free press, Bunns* of Steel! Love you too!

*(as in Bunnies)

Christy said...

hehe--I really do love the name!

Jamie M. said...

*barf* to bunnygroom's comment. lol