18 August 2007

The Wedding Scent

I have pretty much dismissed the idea of searching for a wedding scent. When I wear a scent besides my deodorant it is usually a solid Green Tea perfume from L'Occitaine. That is about it. I have not thought about hunting for a scent because I have had no idea on where to start. In case you haven't noticed, the market is pretty saturated with scented products.

However strange things took control of me today while I was in every girl's playground, Sephora. I took an old gift card in today to buy false eyelashes and some more Dior Show mascara. Both are for the wedding and I figured I would get the individual eyelashes to practice with before the wedding. I also wanted to use the gift card since I have had it for a very long time and didn't want to lose it permanently.

While there the wall of stink called to me. Most of the scents either smelled like someone rubbed a new edition of Tiger Beat magazine across their bare skin or an old lady using a cacophony of household remedies to mask medication scents coming out of her pores. After a few minutes my fiance and I had to go to the front counter on a hunt for coffee beans to clear up our ol'factory senses and there we met a very friendly associate. He asked if we needed any help and we eagerly pulled him from the register counter.

We went over a profile of what scents I like and how strong I like them. He started going off with suggestions and spraying little sample sticks for us. I was amazed at how he spoke about this stuff and the complexities. His first choice of the Un Jardin En Mediterranee for Women by Hermes was pretty good.
After a period of time he realized we weren't digging a lot of the scents and he recommended the Fresh line. As he said it they have one or two notes and that is it. He started with the Cannabis Santal and of course we laughed while telling 420 jokes. But guess what? It smelled pretty darn good. We went through the rest of the line and the Cannabis ended up being the best. The three scents in it are patchouli, cannabis, and rose.

The associate then asked if we wanted samples to test the scent. He thought the idea that a unisex scent could be a bride and groom wedding perfume was really nice. It would react differently with our body chemistry so we decided to give it a go. He gave each of us generous sample atomizers and sent us on our way. He also gave me an atomizer of the Hermes scent.

Honestly though, my fiance and I hardly wear anything to cover up our natural scents so I don't know how much of this we will use before the wedding. The samples could end up being our wedding scents. Tonight though, I do have to admit that I have liked smelling the nape of his neck. Meow!!

So we'll see where this wedding scent journey takes us. I have no idea how kind the Fresh company is. I at least know that Dior doesn't animal test. I can also see myself saving a load of money and getting something at Wild Oats for under $20 like a bottle of Demeter's Gin & Tonic or their Cannabis Flower.

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