21 August 2007

187 quest

187 is the term used to refer to mini servings of wines because they are packaged in 187 mL containers. The wine market is starting to proliferate with them now as younger consumers are surging into this frontier and want more than pre-packaged Coca Cola drinks or wine coolers for outings (See Conde Nast Portfolio article).

As a bride-to-be I like the idea of the bridal party sipping on 187s. Each lady has her own. No one can go overboard and get drunk (like can sometimes happen with larger bottles). And they are CUTE! For me I'll only need two since my BMs are underage. There seems to be one 187 that proliferates knottie bios... Sofia Blanc de Blancs sparkling. I have heard some not so great things about how it tastes even though it looks so adorable. Luckily I found a single can this weekend (for $3.99) to try it out.

The packaging is adorable. Small pink can, sippy straw attached to the side, hip words stamped all over the can, named after uber-cool Sofia Coppola. How could a lady resist?

This is the big attraction here. The sippy straw that comes with every can. As a lady getting ready for a wedding or a friend's wedding you can't dare ruin your make-up.

Unfortunately it does not taste very good. This isn't a girl vs. boy difference. I made the same face.

I even let the can breathe, still yuck. I even mixed with orange juice. No dice. Consider this a PSA for you to at least test this stuff before you buy it for your wedding day preparation time.

There are so many other options to test as well.
Nicolas Feuillatte makes a 187 in regular and rose with an attached wristlet so you don't lose it. (About $12)

Piper-Heidsieck Brut has even won some editor choice awards from various publications. (About $8)

Gotta love the Korbel Brut. I'm a California girl and grew up with the Korbel sparkling wine. It also retails for about $3.50 per bottle putting it just under the Sofia price and tasting much better. Currently my 2nd choice.

My first choice darling right now is the original Pommery POP champagne. This company started the mini trend and pissed off a lot of people in the process for sullying the name of good champagne with what was thought to be a cheap gimmick. It is a tasty morsel though. Besides the original they also have a rose out in an adorable pink packaging and they are introducing a vintage GOLD mini line this fall.

It isn't necessarily the cheapest champagne though (and by no means expensive either). FI and I bought a mini-bottle for New Year's this past year. We didn't want to drink all night and let a big bottle go to waste so we shelled out for a $12 mini bottle and had a good time. I think I may stick with this stuff for me and my MOH as we get ready for the wedding unless my loyalty to California's Korbel kicks back in.


Biby Cletus said...

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La Bela Vita said...

Glad I wasn't the only one who made the face when tasting the not so tasty Sofia.

Terry said...
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