28 July 2007

More pics from the Keys

These are some pictures I took from my fiance's camera from our six month trip last weekend. So since they are from his camera they are all of me!

Getting grapes from the bag we packed in the kayak after making it to the small island.

The small island has 3 black mangroves on it. I am joking around and licking the salt off the backside of one of the leaf blades.

Dinking around the shore of the island. There were a number of fish harvesting off some rocks I wanted to see. The net wasn't for capture, it was more to anchor myself in one place when I was close enough to watch them.

Hustling back to the mainland. Quick break. Parallel to us was a dark cloud with lightning strikes. This was over the seagrass beds near shore when we realized we were good for another 15 minutes of water time.

I have a rule. I don't like to consume quantities of food or liquid bigger than my face. My fiance knows this and gets a kick out of cups that are bigger than my head. This is at the Bass Pro Outdoor shop in Islamorada. The art gallery at this place has the facade from a grain mill imported from Paris on the 2nd floor. That is pretty.

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