08 July 2007

Days of Our Lives Green Wedding

Here is a quick clip going over some of the details from the May 8th Sami and Lucas eco-friendly wedding on the soap opera. I did not know that they covered so many details.

Apparently... organic caterer, seasonal flowers (donated to charity afterwards), pure silk wedding dress (Monique Lhuillier), and "renewable gold" rings with conflict free diamonds.

I think the idea that they are doing is awesome. For the show and the knot green weddings are a "trend" and not neccessarily a way of life. I like the way that the Lucas character states that using food not sprayed with chemicals is a sacrifice they are making for this green wedding. Oh the sacrifice of not consuming those chemicals (sarcasm). However even if it is cheeky he did state that he may need to go out and get a hybrid vehicle.

For people not into eco-conscious concepts I hope this wedding on this extremely popular soap opera is a gateway to better eco-conscious applications they can make in their everyday lives. After all, these weddings are not a way to save the world. They are generally an extension of values shared by a couple and sharing that with their guests.

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