11 July 2007

Average Woman (AW) Wedding

The latest issue of Women's Health (July/August 2007) has an average woman last page devoted to weddings. It is a collection of statistics about the average American woman (I can only assume since there is no source for the data and the weight measurement is in pounds, not kilograms).

Here are a few highlights:

Hours the average wedding takes to organize: 250
Hours per week the average bride spends on it: 8
Percentage of women who undergo physical alterations: 37
Percentage of weddings that get called off: 15
Top three wedding day worries: zits, rain, embarrassing relatives
Pounds the AW wants to lose before the wedding: 10-20
Average cost to attend a wedding: $500
Average cost to be a bridesmaid: $1,400
Percentage of women who have gone stag to a wedding: 41
Percentage of women who admit to hooking up at a wedding: 5
Percentage of weddings paid for by bride's parents: 30
Percentage of weddings paid for by both sets of parents: 4
Percentage of weddings paid for by couple: 32
Percentage of weddings paid for by other: 34
Cost of photography and video: $3,691
Cost of wedding rings: $2,067
Number of women who cry when they find the right dress: 1 in 5
Number of dresses she tried on before finding it: 21

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