20 June 2007

mood board 2.0

All right. I am going to walk away from it now. I added one more pic and restructured the existing stuff.

The picture I added I shot tonight about an hour til sunset. The mosquitoes outside were jerks so I had to hurry. I took my champagne wedding dress and laid it on a patio chair in the garden. I placed a ceramic, vintage, chic bust on top of it. I surrounded her with my mala beads, my fiance's mala beads, a string of pearls, and my engagement ring and then I started shooting.

Here is the "final" product... time to walk away from it.


Kia said...
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bunnybride said...

cool, this board was published on weddingbee last night


iLa said...

I am a new reader ;-) I enjoy reading your blog.
I really like the wrapping look of your wedding dress. Can you give me some information about it? Designer? Model? Any other pictures?